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Mr T.J. Nelson

I've been fully dedicated to coaching and teaching youth since 2015. With a Bachelor's Degree and a few years teaching and coaching under my belt, I'm excited to start this new mission and exercise unique, but effective ways to propel our at-risk youth in the right direction. My desire is to enhance our kids' vision of the future, tap into their self-esteem, give enough wisdom so they too can pursue dreams/goals at full internal strength. With this mission at hand, lives will be changed and those lives will change lives too! Stars will groom stars! #BeAnInspiration

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Excelling through the body, mind, and passion!


An opportunity for kids ages 11-14 to be personally trained by myself. Together we will push your limits and improve daily. With applied specific workout programs made just for the individual, my goal is to encourage kids to reach their desired goal. Schedule some dates, and bring your passion with you, learn the joy of earning what you want!



A mentor is a tremendous asset for at-risk youth. I offer the opportunity for boys ages 11-14. This will be automatic for those I train. Mentoring comes with training. For the individuals who choose no training, but wish to have some guidance, I will be offering mentoring to you as well. Meeting locations and times will be communicated with the parents prior to scheduling.  Let's make the most of your potential, let's get educated on life after high school/college, as well as the benefits of learning trades for immediate transition. Schedule a time, date, and location. Nothing, but opportunity awaits! #BeAnInspiration

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Fear is our biggest enemy, it's our ultimate challenge when attempting to reach new limits. With a little love, belief, respect, passion, and some inspiration fear will be conquered.  

Do the unthinkable

T.J. Nelson

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